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Is a PhD Right For Me?

Considering pursuing your PhD? As the PhD Director for the LeBow College of Business and an Associate Professor of Economics, people often ask me for advice about PhD Programs. My first response to their questions is more questions, “Why? What do you think you will get in a PhD Program?” Then I tell them, “know what you are getting yourself into first.” After, and only after, we have had that conversation do we begin to discuss how to go about finding and getting into a PhD Program.

Based on these conversations the following series of posts are meant to demystify PhD Programs, expectations for becoming a PhD, the application process, and how to increase your chances of not just getting into a program, but getting into one you’ll be happy with once you’ve made the decision to apply.   My experience is primarily with PhD Programs in Business and Economics and thus the advice is directed at those programs.

Read more at Dr. Christopher Laincz’s Linkedin page. 

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