Top 10 Application Tips

DocNet member Dr. Chris Laincz, PhD Director for the LeBow College of Business and an Associate Professor of Economics, shares his top ten tips you can follow when filling out your application.

  1. Find the Best Fit. Your chances of admittance increase and your likelihood of success rises with identifying those programs that match well with your research interests.
  2. Take the GMAT/GRE twice. Plan in advance to take these standardized exams more than once. The first time people are often nervous and/or are still adjusting to the exam style. These scores matter. Studying makes a big difference. Note that extremely high, even perfect scores, are no guarantee of admittance. However, low scores will often get your application dismissed early.
  3. Make your case in the Statement of Purpose. Use the statement of purpose to clearly present who you are, what is not obvious from the rest of the application, and most importantly, explaining your motivations for doing a PhD. Explain your intellectual path & motivation for pursuing this career as a researcher. Do not waste space or time in the Statement of Purpose telling the University and faculty how great you think they are. They already think they’re great. Tell us why you are worthy.

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